Professionalism, reliability and traceability in every phase of freezing vegetables and fruits - everything for your health!

Our production professionals continuously control the production conditions and process to make sure our factories and consumers are only supplied with the best domestic ingredients.

Through careful planning, we make sure that only the best quality ingredients are harvested both on our own fields and on the fields provided by our contractual partners.

Raw materials are treated with great care during processing. Foodstuffs are quick frozen within a few hours after harvest, guaranteeing that our products preserve all their valuable nutrients.

During the processing of vegetables and fruits, special attention is paid to uphold excellent quality and food safety considerations. We aim to get products made from the best ingredients in the pans of our customers, thus serving as an excellent foundation for any family's healthy diet.

Our aim is to fully satisfy the expectations of our partners and consumers with our continuously expanding range of products and packaging units fitted to the demand. The production and sale of small packaging units labelled with our own brand is a focus point for our company, both in the domestic and the international markets.

 Our commercial policy aims at strengthening our position on our existing markets and seeking out new opportunities globally.