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Agrosprint Ltd. as the market leader in the Hungarian frozen industry is engaged in vegetable and fruit processing as well as quick-freezing. The company group operates two plants in Hungary, one of the quick-freezing units is located in Karcag and the other plant is situated in Nyírlugos. A significant proportion of our quick-frozen products is being consumed as conventional products and the manufacturing of baby food raw material and organic products is also significant.

Apart from our plants in Hungary, the parent company also has two further subsidiaries. AgroSprint S.R.L. operating in Romania is engaged in the packaging and sale of quick-frozen fruit and vegetable retail products. Today, the company is the market leader in the Romanian small packaged quick-frozen fruit and vegetable segment. The other active subsidiary is Sprint- Farm Kft. which provides fruit and vegetable raw materials needed for the production of the parent company on hundreds of hectares.

80% of the sale of AgroSprint Ltd. is intended for export and 20% is intended for import, it has also become a supplier for the most significant giants of the food industry in Europe over the years. As a certified manufacturer, the company has the following quality certificates: BRC, IFS and BIO certifications.

Following our international professional successes, in 2009 we decided to launch our first branded products on the Hungarian frozen food market. Our new brand name was SPRINT, which has been present ever since in Hungarian retail stores. In order to assure continuous success and reacting to the changes in market demand, our company introduced the SPRINT NATURA quick frozen products in 2012, which are still unique on the Hungarian market and include a range of premium quality products suitable for babies.

In 2018 we launched our new products the Sprint SMOOTHIE Mixes. Sprint Smoothies are carefully selected mixes of quick-frozen fruit and vegetables containing no preservatives, added salt, sugar, sweetener, improving agents or other additives, therefore, they are great sources of vitamins for young and old alike. 

More information: www.sprint.agrosprint.hu


On the wall of pride of AgroSprint you can see:

  • October 2018: Hungarian Brands – Excellent Employee Brand prize and Excellent Business Brand prize
  • August 2018: SIAL PARIS Innovation Selection award to our Sprint KIDS Smoothie mix product
  • October 2017: Hungarian Brands – Excellent Business Brand prize
  • 2016: As a key account, the winner of Successful Long-Term Strategy prize launched by K&H Bank, Budapest Stock Exchange TOP 50, inclusion in the list of the most successful companies in Hungary, Inclusion in the list of Concorde Investment Management Ltd. TOP 100 most valuable Hungarian companie
  • 2014: Hungarian Product Grand Prize (Magyar Termék Nagydíj) for the Sprint Natura product line


our plants


(A) Karcag Plant

H-5300 Karcag, Püspökladányi st. 82.

(B) Nyírlugos Plant

H- 4371 Nyírlugos-Cserhágó


(C) Breaza Plant

RO- 547135 Breaza Nr. 18, Jud. Mures, Romania