Sprint-Farm Ltd.




Sprint-Farm Ltd. deals with cultivation of vegetables and fruits as a member of the AgroSprint Group.  AgroSprint has over a decade-long experience in processing Hungarian berries, while the stable raw material base and the good reputation of Hungarian fruits abroad allows us to spread the good reputation of Hungarian berries.

Sprint-Farm Ltd. planted an intensive raspberry plantation in 2011 in Nyírlugos, which is now one of the largest cohesive raspberry plantations in the country. The characteristics of the agricultural lands, the positive combination of sandy soil and Northern-Hungarian climate along with the conditions of intensive production create an ideal environment to produce raw materials for the freezing industry.

Currently the most significant self-produced product of Sprint-Farm Ltd. are its fresh "Fertődi" raspberries, which are traded in a frozen form as a premium quality raw material for ready-made products. The focus of this subsidiary is the effective production of good quality raw materials for the freezing industry and Sprint-Farm Ltd. has been also involved in the cultivation of vegetables as an integrator since 2015.

More information: www.sprintfarm.hu