hirek   Our firm, AgroSprint Ltd. has contributed to the well-being and healthy diet of citizens with a broad range of fast frozen products during the decades of its operation. Our corporate mission includes handling social responsibility with emphasis on all areas of our everyday life and operations. We would like to take this opportunity to bring the attention of our partners, customers and anyone else reading this article to our "Giving is an Opportunity!" Charity Programme (ALAP).

  The budget for ALAP is increasing year after year, so we would like more and more partners to join us with their advice, partnership and support! Within the frame of the programme, we first dealt with establishing a system of benefits for our employees. The system provides the freedom of choice and opportunities for the best possible utilisation and personal tailoring, which we are continuously improving while keeping an eye on legal changes and possibilities. Furthermore, within the limits of the company, we have started a mental program hallmarked by our togetherness and a certain lifestyle to be adopted – which involves a lot of things ranging from our traditional health day to regular company blood donation events.

  Our aim is to make both our employees, partners and customers aware of their health condition and the importance of social responsibility.

  By now, we have made it our priority to support local sports clubs and advocate the importance of exercise. We support professional training, mentoring and coaching of talented youngsters. We give donations to the needy on a regular basis as well as targeted donations to specific groups during special events – for example, we have donated to the Child Nourishment Foundation.

  In order to be able to advocate our mission as widely as possible, we need more ideas, requests, cooperating partners, as well as the power of shared work, goodwill and faith.

We respectfully ask you, dear Reader, to help us help others to make things better for You!

We look forward to your support, ideas and suggestions and gratefully anticipate your letters sent to our email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Akácliget Gyógy-és Strandfürdő







Karcag városi strand fejlesztésének támogatása

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2016. december 02-án (pénteken) újra véradást szervezünk a karcagi üzemünkben.

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Az egészségtudatos életmód népszerűsítése

 "Sprint Natura az egészséges életmód népszerűsítéséért" - XVIII. Karcagi Birkafőző Fesztivál

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Egészségre nevelő életmód programok - „IV. Egészségnap”

Egészségre nevelő és szemléletformáló életmód programok - TÁMOP-6.1.2-11- „IV. Egészségnap"

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