Sprint Natura

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"The best the Hungarian soil has to offer"

As part of our company's mission, we would like to place increasing emphasis on social responsibility, which is why AgroSprint Ltd. introduced the Sprint Natura product group in 2012 on the Hungarian and Romanian markets, representing a premium level of quality suitable for baby nutrition, contributing to the well-being and healthy diet of our customers.

The Sprint Natura products only contain carefully controlled vegetables of baby-food quality, produced via a clearly defined process – according to the strict requirements of European Union and Hungarian Food Industry guidelines – omitting certain pesticides during their production as well as all forms of preservatives. During the production of Sprint Natura products the processes of decay are stopped solely by the freezing process, so there is no loss of vitamins, fibres or minerals in the products, or is kept at a minimum. The continuous tests performed by accredited laboratories guarantee that AgroSprint Ltd. only produces raw materials for baby food that are free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their pesticide content is below 0.01 mg/kg.

As for our Sprint Natura product group, it is safe to say that we managed to create such a quickly usable, safe food product group which serves as an excellent basis for the whole family's healthy diet, including the youngest family members. This is also underlined by the fact that the Sprint Natura product group won a Hungarian Product Grand Prix Award in 2014, thanks to its premium, baby-food quality raw materials.

For more information and details, please visit the website of our Sprint Natura product group at: www.sprint.agrosprint.hu