The AgroSprint Ltd. was established by the Fülöp family on 1st May, 1991 and has been operated under the same conditions, based in Karcag, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.
At first the company exported mainly fresh vegetables and fruits to the European Union. The initial successes allowed of the crucial changes in 1998 when we built up our quick-freezing factory with freezer and developed the technological background. In the next years we made further projects and developments, as well as nowadays we realize gradual accession of container room and we permanently up to date our technology.

In 2005 we established a subsidiary in Romania where we built up a plant based in Breaza Maros county which has logistics capacity and production technology able to package quick-frozen retail goods. We develop this plant consistently in order to produce bio-fruits and vegetables even higher quality.

Our company bought a quick-freezing factory based in Nyírlugos from liquidation of Cserfood Rt, in this way our product paletta has expanded with industrial production of sweet corn, green peas, bean and apple and their manufactured product.

We could expand into the Single Market successfully. In less than one decade we have built commercial partnership with more than 30 countries and its number is still increasing, furthermore we are present outside Europe too.

During the years we become the supplier of the biggest multinational companies trading in the EU market, which infer the reception and adaptation of the European Union norms and standards, and meet the demand of highest quality requirements.

The uniformly top quality of our products is ensured by constantly improving of production system, furthermore our company has worked for years under the quality assurance system (ISO 9001:2000, HACCP) and BRC under implementation and their parts (GMP, GHP).

The obtained tendres demonstrate our succesful operating, which allow further technological improvements and generate new workplaces in the region.

Our company plays an important integration role in the Tiszántúl and our operation covers the region of Debrecen-Kecskemét. Our geographical location contributes to our effective working, because closeness of our suppliers helps in the accommodations of raw material. These days we are in connection with more than 500 suppliers and we export 80 percent of our products. Our export oriented operating has played an important role in continuous growth as the conformity with european market gives the motivation for our dynamic development.

Nowadays we appear on the market not only with own products but we can offer services to our present and prospective partners so we can execute the process of supply-production-delivery independently and effectively.

Our company has diversified motor park so we can solve the delivery of our products.
With the help of our extra capacity we can hire out our production,- container and freezing capacity.

In the last 17 years we realized both quantitative both qualitative development and we are keen on to sustain its dynamic. Our company is future oriented and our primary objective is the demand of the market and satisfy our customers’ need in the requierd quality.

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